It Was A Jazz Filled Weekend


They played Jazz in Sycamore Grove Park for the second year in a row. This event is sponsored by Councilman Gill Cedilla and brings together community members to enjoy a weekend of latin jazz, food trucks, and a beer garden brought to you by the kind folks over at The Greyhound. One of the summer perks here in Northeast LA.

FIG JAM is Coming this February!

What is Fig Jam you ask. It's a celebration of Council District 1's Great Street and it's taking place on Figueroa from Ave 50 to Ave 60. This part of Figueroa was named a Great Street by Mayor Garcetti. Each council district has a Great Street. Now for the why...the local business improvement district for North Figueroa applied for a Great Streets grant and we got it! This is very good news. It means we're having a party to celebrate our Great Street. There will be art and music and food and bike lanes and other things that will show our community what can make up a Great Street. As sponsors of some of the art that will be displayed, we at L34 Group take this whole event very seriously and we know it will be a good time for all that's involved, whether you're an art maker or an enthusiast. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the music and artists participating! If you're interesting in donating to Fig Jam to help make it all that it can be go to this link.

Glassellland Public Art Installation And Unveiling


Over at the Glassell Park Recreation Center the Glassellland sign has an authorized, somewhat permanent home. The artist, Justin (he doesn't really like his last name brought up. Probably has to do with the last three incarnations of the sign weren't actually authorized) has the blessings of the Councilman, the neighborhood council, and the Glassell Park Improvement Association for this important landmark. Now all of the neighborhoods in Northeast want a hillside sign.

From - How I Quit the Plastic Habit

Every morning there's a full inbox of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly newsletters to peruse. Of the dailies a favorite is from You can count on finding cute animal stories here as well as vegan recipes, stories of animal rescues, and environmental stories. Todays email included a story about how a woman in Australia gave up using plastic and she lists her suggestions on what you can do to minimize your use of plastics in everyday life. Most of us live in the moment and plastic is one of the conveniences that allows us to coast through existence without too much strife. But if you think about the toll plastics are taking on our planet as well as what it can do to us, you may rethink yours choices.

Lindsay Miles is the author of this piece and she has some great suggestions on how you can ease into your switch from plastic to non plastic in your lives. Start small...every little bit counts. As she say, we ALL have the power to make a difference.