Loving Joshua Tree...


Less than two ours outside of Los Angeles is the sleepy desert community, Joshua Tree. Travel the 10 freeway towards Palm Springs but instead taking the 111 to Palm Springs, take the 62 to Joshua Tree. It's the high-desert...home of the Yucca tree, also known as the Joshua Tree.

You can camp in the national park or find lodging in town, such as the historic Joshua Tree Inn, where famed country/rock songwriter Gram Parson's spent his last days. There are rooms celebrating the many fans of this sweet little inn, such as Gram Parson's, Emmylou Harris, Donovan, and John Barrymore.

We find this part of the desert a wonderful escape from the day to day stuff we all need to deal with. Check it out sometime...


Save The Date - Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour

November 22, 2015 9:30am - 5:00pm

It's just over a month the date for the 23rd annual Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour. This is when Northeast Los Angeles' best artists open up their homes, studios, and home studios on a self guided tour. There will be paintings and sculptures, as well as demonstrations by artists and craftspeople.

You can buy tour tickets on their web site. The tour begins at the Southwest Museum at 234 Museum Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90042. I really don't want to bring up holiday shopping, but I did. Buy art! Support the arts!


'Tis the Season for Tasty Treats

One of our favorite web sites for recipes and cute animal videos, as well as tips on reducing your plastic usage and all things green is This is where this delicious looking recipe is from. The nice thing about the recipes on this site is that all are vegan and a lot are gluten free. It may not matter to you but you may have a guest that is lactose intolerant or a vegan...they'd like to have some of this too. Good dish to bring to a pot luck. And use different fruits. This is made with plums, but there's no reason why you can't use apples or pears or berries. Enjoy!