Not Your Mama's Bookstore!

Meet Jen Hitchcock of BOOK SHOW. Jen is one of the beautiful, colorful people in our neighborhood, and we want you to get to know her, and what she's up to! We love Book Show...part indy bookstore, part cabinet of curiosities, part workshop.

Here's Jen!


What do you offer the community here in Highland Park? I strongly believe that a book shop has an important role in the community. I really wanted my space to be not just a store, but a safe open place for writers and all creative minds to come and create, think and exchange ideas. I am a writer and I thrive on that energy. I come from the music business, and worked in corporate hell for way too long and felt too far removed from the actual ART in that environment. So with Book Show, it was important for my own sanity to create an environment that stimulates my own creative mind and welcomes other creatives to come on in and join the show. I love the spark of an idea, the origin of creativity and then watching it grow when allowed to do so freely. I want my shop to foster this energy for whoever wants to put their words on paper and make their voice heard. One thing I offer is an ongoing monthly writing group that is open to all, costs five bucks and happens every second sunday of the month. It is called Back To Scraps and is an evening of writing prompts and exercises. I am trying my best to keep ALL the workshop that happen here affordable. I want community here and I want a forum for people to feel safe and supported creating. Another workshop I led is Scraps to Scribes. It is eight weeks long and culminates in a public reading and a fanzine of all our work.


And what else would you like to share with us? I also have a pretty stacked calendar of an eclectic mix of literary events, all free. Book Show is home to the EAT ART Open Mic every first friday of the month. It is primarily a poetry and prose open mic-- free and open to everyone.

My book selection is primarily used and is very odd ball. I love carnivals and sideshows so it is the book version of that... a book sideshow. I have a lot of curated weirdness here. But the one thing that is important to me is for it to be affordable. Books and reading should be accessible to everyone. I have an awesome dollar book rack, and a fiction section of classics, underground, etc from all eras that can be had at a great price. I also have a hefty selection of local small press releases and authors, as well as a nice selection of fanzines and other DIY publications. The LA Literary community is amazing and want to support these writers!!!

Book Show is also big on "curios" so I have a lot of one of a kind oddball gift items created by local artists. I will always stock local, DIY before trendy and mass made.

I love being here. This community has been supportive and good to me. I am so grateful. I will keep striving to keep Book Show as a space and business that reflects, compliments and adds something of value (I hope) to the community. And of course I will always strive to provide some quirkiness, fun and a creative space!!!

And here's a link to Book Show's upcoming workshop groups:

We like to play dress up sometimes...this was for the Divine Grace Jones-the most amazing concert we have ever seen.

This is from Saint.Valentine's Instagram (our teen )


And, now a little real estate...We are especially excited about this sweet bungalow, as the owners, cleaned up ($76,000 over asking, 15 day escrow), but mostly because our cool clients (and friends), moved on to follow their bliss, truly. They picked up, critters and all, moved to 40 acres with a creek running through it, and are building their home. It's just dreamy to us! We love them, and are following their adventures on Face Book, daily.


Summertime, and the livin' is easy...Or, so it feels each time you open that door to your sunshine-y home. This home is where love is, where creatures great and small, old and young abide. A home where creations are designed and executed in the garage-cum-work studio. This home is a community, where friends far and near come to talk, eat, and laugh on the old backyard couch, under the shade a big tree. A classic California Bungalow with no lack of charm...wood floors, built-ins, pink vintage bathroom and a fireplace to cozy up to.Located on one of the sweetest streets in Glassell Park...just a stone's throw from the anchor café, Habitat, and the Live Arts LA. Get in while the gettin' is good...and make this little corner of NELA your own. Haven't you heard? Glassell Park is the new black!

3 beds/1 bath Asking $589,000 SOLD for $660,000!